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Rocks Off
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[ NAME ]: Christina *******

[ BORN IN ]: Germany

[ RESIDES IN ]: Bavaria

[ EYES ]: Green - Brown or somethin' like that

[ HAIR ]: Brown

[ SHOE SIZE ]: 6


[ Sleep with stuffed animals? ]: I have a huge red stuffed heart , thats on my
bed permanently =)

[ Have a dream that keeps coming back? ]: Uh-huh. Generally ones i dont want.

[ Play an instrument? ]: I've got a Saxophon, but can I really play on it?

[ Believe there is life on other planets? ]: Yes.

[ Remember your first love? ]: Yes...

[ Read the newspaper? ]:Not everyday.

[ Consider love a mistake? ]: No...it' doesn't make sense thinkin' about the
past...it's over...

[ Like the taste of alcohol? ]: Im an vodka-aholic.

[ Pray? ]: No.. i gave up, it never works anyway.

[ Go to church? ]: No.

[ Have any secrets? ]: Plenty. No i wont tell you.

[ Have any pets ]: Not anymore. 

[ Wear hats? ]: Sometimes.

[ Have any piercings? ]: hm...

[ Have any tattoos? ]: No. I changed my mind about getting one.

[ Hate yourself? ]: Sometimes.

[ Have an obsession? ]: The internet [apparently]

[ Collect anything? ]: Candles... weird shit.

[ Have a best friend? ]: No actually, i have close friends. I suppose i consider
2 of them my "best" friends.

[ Like your handwriting? ]: No... but other people seem too ...

[ Have any bad habits? ]: The amount of time i spend online, Macdonalds
milkshakes and shopping too much, and too loud music of course.

[ Care about looks? ]: Not anymore... looks mean fuck all if the person is a
twat with an ugly heart.

[ Believe in witches? ]: White witches.. yah.

[ Believe in Satan? ]: No.


[ Smell ]: Versace - Dreamer,Puma - Flowing

[ Thought ]: Fantasys? Yes i have LOTS of those! I'm a fuckin' Daydreamer!

[ Book ]: no :-)))

[ Refreshment ]: Whatevers available except orange.

[ Song ]: There are so much I really love, but I think most of them are written
by Keith Richards.

[ Place to shop for clothes ]: Anywhere.

[ Board game ]: I dont do board games.

[ Sound ]: Rock'n'Roll, Blues.

[ Color ]: Pink, black.

[ Get-up ]: mostly black or pink.


[ Kill ]: No one anymore. I'd rather watch them suffer.

[ Tickle ]: ...

[ Talk To ]:Stones...

[ Be Like ]: No one. I just wanna be myself!


[ Is the WORST feeling in the world? ]: Unrequited Love ='(

[ Is the BEST feeling in the world? ]: To be Stoned, Love

[ The first thing you think about in the morning? ]: OOO let me roll back over
and sleep some more

[ Is your future child’s name? ]: iDo i wanna have children?? 

[ What would you name your next pet and what would It be?]: A Rat called Tequila.

[ What is the most important thing in life? ]: I dont know actually.

[If I had a lot of money I would…]: Get the fuck outta this country.

[If I had all the time in the world I would...]: Spend more time online..

[If I had the chance to spend lunch with anyone, dead, alive or fictional, who
would it be? And what would you talk about?]: Keith Richards and our lunch would
be a joint!

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